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As a response to COVID-19, we have launched a Discord server for the business! This offers another safe alternative for providing a more personalized experience of remote tech support for our customers! We care about you and strive to provide an excellent standard of service while following CDC guidelines.

As we move through the year, virtual work and school have become more normal and we want to help make the transition a little easier. By understanding your work, school or personal needs, we can build a PC that will deliver exactly what you are looking for to continue being successful. Providing this video chat service is an extra step we are taking to ensure you get the help you need while staying safe.

Video chatting is widely-used and truly is convenient- especially during this time. Our son continued his kindergarten school year through video chatting with his teacher and classmates and it was a great experience that we are grateful for! Not only did he video chat with school friends, but with out-of-state family as well!

While we dearly miss the normal of coming together and being close, we also understand the temporary changes that COVID-19 has presented us with. However, we believe that we can still maintain a similar level of comfort through video chatting because the experience is more personal with being able to see the person you are talking to and it gives more opportunity for creative interactions together. For example, perhaps a couple friends moved away from each other. They used to bake a lot together but now with the distance, they can't. With video chatting, they can both bake together in their own kitchens and recreate the experience!

All in all, we care about the health and safety of our family, friends, and customers. We wish everyone good health and if you need help with a new PC or getting set up with video chatting to recreate experiences- let us know, we got you.

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