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Skeleton Controller

Check it out! The Mad Dr opened up an XBox controller to fix the damaged sync button. It was really cool watching him use his IFIXIT kit to carefully pull the plastic covers off and go to work. The controller was accidentally dropped by the kids, which damaged the sync button. When we turned the controller on, it would periodically disconnect. When he opened it up, he saw the metal part around the sync button had been moved slightly from the fall, which caused the button to get stuck. He gently moved the metal piece back into place, the sync button popped out, and it now works like a charm! He was also able to deep clean the controller with the covers taken off! Who knew how nasty the inside of those things could get...especially when you have kids! With spare parts from a different controller, he was able to fix another one that we had that needed a replacement part. So out of three XBox controllers, two are fixed up and working great and one was scrapped due to physical issues with the controller that unfortunately could not be fixed. But it was a worthy sacrifice!

We will definitely be adding this to our list of services. Gaming accessories like XBox controllers are certainly not cheap! And if we can fix it and save you some money doing so, then we are doing our job right!

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